Second phase of the World Survey on Youth Cultures

Second phase of the World Survey on Youth Cultures

Following up with the success of the first edition, the CIRAD launched in 2016 the Second Phase of the worldwide study on the “Youth Cultures in Catholic Universities. Challenges to Pedagogical Practices”. In this phase, the invitation to participate in this worldwide survey has been extended to all our membership.



What are today’s youth like? 

Are they so different as their parents?

How do they position themselves with regard to family? and, to society?

Why do they study? 

What makes sense to their lives? What are their future plans?

These are some of the questions the study answers, 

but many more are the issues it raises, inviting us to reflection and to action.

As a reminder, the study had two main objectives:

  • In the first place, to gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which young generations make sense of their lives, positioning themselves in with regard to work, family, society and, more generally, the world.
  • Secondly, to contribute to encourage reflection and, eventually, reviews of institutional policies and pedagogical practices within universities, with a view to continuously improving the quality and services offered to students.

Planned by the Centre, together with a Scientific Committee led by Dr. Rosa Aparicio Gómez (Instituto Ortega y Gasset, Madrid, España) and an International Committee, this on-line study, based on a questionnaire available in 17 languages, is unique both because of its coverage (worldwide) and the fields examined (the whole of the aspects of youth’s lives).



Don’t miss the results of this second phase, which will be soon analyzed and,

later on, made available to all affiliated institutions!

For further information on the first phase, please click on this link.


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