About the Centre

The International Centre for Research and Decision Support (CIRAD) is one of the main services of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU). Its mission is to promote inter-university and multidisciplinary research in the framework of international cooperation. Likewise, it offers diverse tools that allow for supporting research practices carried out by IFCU member universities. Aware of the concerns, interests and expectations of Catholic universities and their respective fields of action, CIRAD offers a space for meeting, debate, intellectual production and knowledge sharing, with a view to reflecting on the major challenges of human, scientific, social and ecclesial development.

Since 1975, the Centre has promoted numerous cooperation activities around the world carried out by the institutions forming the international network of the Federation. Innovative initiatives and themes find their place alongside more traditional projects. Training and education have always been at the heart of the Centre’s concerns (formation to values, young students’ cultures, service-learning, university social responsibility), but over time other projects have been launched in areas as varied as human mobility (migration and displacement), social issues (drug addiction, vulnerable families, social inclusion), environmental challenges (soil fertilisation, water management), poverty reduction, human rights and peace-building, and intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

This site aims at disseminating the different research projects and activities carried out by CIRAD as well as by IFCU member universities in collaboration with the Centre, while creating a space for reflection and exchange addressed to the wider university community. News are classified in accordance with four thematic clusters: Higher Education and Research, Youth and Societies, States and Public Policies, and Social, Environmental and Health Issues.

Information posted on this site is regularly disseminated through social media in order to achieve the largest possible audience.