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Collaboration with Summer School of the Global Leadership Programme led by Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Spain)

We are pleased to announce that the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) collaborates with the Summer School (7th-13th July 2024) of the Global Leadership Programme (GPL) led by the Escuela de Gobierno y Liderazgo Isabel la Católica of Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (UFV), Madrid, Spain, in partnership with the Academia Internacional de Líderes Católicos,…
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Knowing our students better: Findings from a Spanish study about their perceptions of trust

CIRAD is glad to share on this occasion a new “HIGHER EDUCATION HIGHLIGHTS” NOTE on a study conducted by researchers at Escuni, a Spanish Catholic university college, which examined students’ perceptions of trust (trust in themselves, in others and in education). The results mentioned here were first presented by Prof. Juan Carlos Torre Puente at the…
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Challenges and opportunities for Spanish Catholic universities today: a source of inspiration

CIRAD is glad to share with you a new note on the current and future challenges and opportunities that have been identified by and for Spanish Catholic universities. Finding out about the debate carried out these past months and the issues identified may be a source of inspiration for universities located in other countries or…
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