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New note: The positive role of ethics in the interplay of science and society

CIRAD is glad to share with you a new note that falls within the framework of the recently launched IFCU collection of features on hot topics that affect higher education and research. The note issued last month addresses UNESCO Recommendations in the field of ethics of science, by asserting the positive role of ethics in…
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Call for papers: Conference on Human Freedom at the test of AI and Neurosciences (2-5 September 2024, LUMSA, Rome)

The NHNAI project on the New Humanism at the time of Neurosciences and Artificial Intelligence will organise an International Conference on the topic of “Human Freedom at the test of Artificial Intelligence and Neurosciences” at LUMSA University, Rome, Italy, on 2-5 September 2024. The event has been scheduled in collaboration with the International PhD program “Contemporary…
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Future of Life Institute’s Open Letter to pause giant AI experiments – Join the debate!

Several experts in AI have written an Open letter published the 28th of March to warn society against the potential risks and dangers of AI for humanity. Among the signatories, one can find Elon Musk (head of Tesla company and Twitter, co-founder of OpenAI), Steve Worzniak (co-founder of Apple), Yoshua Bengio (AI researcher in Montreal),…
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