Progress of the 2017 Survey on the Values of French and Europeans (EVS/ARVAL/Pacte)

The Federation is one of the nine official contributors to the ​​Survey on the French and European Values (EVS), which was launched in autumn 2017 throughout Europe. This survey, coordinated in France by the PACTE-CNRS and ARVAL labs, addresses the topic of values ​​related to current issues, including social solidarity, immigration, environmental challenges and social cohesion.

The Kantar Public Institute / TNS Sofres was chosen to carry out the fieldwork on the French territory and to administer the questionnaires. A total of 1900 random interviews on a representative national sample of the population aged 18 and over are planned. This main sample will be supplemented by an additional sample of 700 interviews with young people aged 18 to 29.

Following up with a pilot questionnaire that allowed for adjusting the international questionnaire to the French reality and to its data collection system, the fieldwork started at the beginning of March 2018. A first file containing the data collected should be ready before the end of October. These data will undoubtedly be very rich and should lead to sharp analyses of the values ​​of French and European, especially those of young people.