NHNAI Project Newsletter 2

NHNAI Project Newsletter 2

The second Newsletter of the NHNAI Project on “New Humanism at the Time of Neurosciences and Artificial Intelligence” coordinated by the Confluence: Sciences and Humanities Research Center of Lyon Catholic University (France), under the aegis of IFCU, has just been released.

This Newsletter presents the problem-framing workshops carried out with the participation of internationally recognized academic experts, together with some of the meaningful questions that the gatherings have contributed to co-construct.

It also addresses the launching of societal debates in the form of ethical capacity-building workshops in the nine countries around the world where the project is being implemented. The digital debates that have taken place through Cartodebat as a result of science-society interactions are also explained in detail, including free tutorials about this online software allowing for online exchange and analysis.

Readers may find out several excerpts from the digital debates conducted in countries as different as Belgium, Taiwan or Kenya, among others, alongside preliminary results (salient ideas and their connections) of the French discussion on education.

Don’t hesitate to look into some of the debates, which are highly inspirational by raising much relevant questions and providing some hints for anybody working in the field of education, health or democracy!

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