The new brochure of the CIRAD just released ! Discover the center, its projects and the latest news

The International Center for Research and Decision Support (CIRAD) is an IFCU Department that aims at promoting inter-university and multidisciplinary research within the framework of international cooperation. It offers a platform for production and circulation of knowledge to permanently question today’s main challenges with a view to transforming our societies. Since 1975 the Center has promoted numerous South-South and North-South international action-research projects all over the world in a wide range of fields, including human mobility (migrations, displacements), social issues (addictions, families at risk, street children, gender balance, schooling, social inclusion and disabilities), environmental challenges (soil fertilization, water management), dialogue between culture and religion, human rights and peace building, poverty reduction and development. Besides providing training and capacity building, it conducts international surveys and studies, while producing publications, collections and materials to inform higher education institutions, policy-makers and any other major stakeholder.