Save The Date ! IFCU New Frontier Forum, October 19 & 20

This year, the International Federation of Catholic Universities is organizing its annual New Frontier Forum event on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, of the revolution it is bringing about across universities, and of the ways in which Catholic universities may best measure up to the challenge.

The event had been designed and planned before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The unprecedented upheaval that the crisis has caused in higher education across the world and the ensuing massive transfer of all teaching and learning programs on line have only served to reinforce the urgency of the issue. AI-based technology had already been penetrating an ever-growing array of academic institutions and activities over the past decade. By all accounts, this trend should accelerate at unforeseen speed in the wake of the pandemic.

IFCU’s 2020 New Frontier Forum therefore constitutes a unique opportunity for all relevant stakeholders in Catholic universities and colleges worldwide to be exposed to presentations and debates led by key figures from the Catholic academic sector and the world of technology. Attending the Forum will equip all those who joined the event with a 360o-vision of stakes involved, developments to come, and strategies best aimed at responding to the AI disruption in the specific context of Catholic higher education.

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