Towards an Inclusive Culture and Pedagogy

“Toward an Inclusive Culture and Pedagogy” is an IFCU project designed to improve the inclusion of students with disabilities in higher education within the network of Catholic universities. Already developed in Latin America, this international program should enable universities to improve their practices, raise awareness and implement trainings that facilitate the reception of students with disabilities.

The European part of the project started last December with a meeting organized in Valencia by IFCU through its International Center for Research and Decision Support (CIRAD) along with the Episcopal Sub-commission of Universities of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE) and the Excellence Campus “Capacitas” from Universidad Católica de Valencia. The participants to the meeting, accompanied by a group of three experts in the field of disability: Dr. Monica Duque from the Catholic University of Porto, Dr. Gabriel Martinez Rico and Dr. Jose Tena Medialdea from the Catholic University of Valencia, were able to exchange on the theme of inclusion of students with disabilities within Catholic universities.

In order to pursue the momentum initiated in Valencia, the CIRAD organizes two study visits in the Catholic Universities of Louvain (Belgium) and Lille (France) from 27 to 30 June 2017. A group of 10 experts will be able to exchange experiences, good practices and take inspiration from the inclusion models deployed at the two host universities. The contributors will talk about all the issues inherent in the reception of students with disabilities within the universities (implementation of an inclusion policy, educational support, housing, social and financial assistance, training of referents, awareness), as well as the specific programs set up at the universities of Louvain and Lille.

Consult the report of the study visits by clicking here!