Discover the article ” The idea of the University in Pope Francis “

Prof. Dr. Jorge Baeza Correa, sociologist, currently a researcher at the Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Youth at the Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez Silva Henriquez (Santiago de Chile, Chile) and formerly Rector of this university, has written an article entitled “The idea of University in Pope Francis“, which has recently been published in the journal Veritas, Journal of Philosophy and Theology, in open access.

Below is the abstract of the article:

The idea of the University in pope Francis, expressed in its various speeches, letters and homilies addressed to the university world, identifies a set of challenges that invite you to revisit Ex Corde Ecclesiae 30 years after its publication. This article, through a documentary analysis of 30 texts by pope Francis, which refer specifically to the university or university students, through a statistical analysis of textual data and then a thematic analysis, allows to conclude that for pope Francis, using his own expressions: World reality is a “culture of discard”, which can be overcome by a “culture of encounter”, which requires the university to become a “come out” university. It is clear from the analysis that Pope Francis, focuses his texts on universities, mainly, on the work of them in today’s society, reconceptualizing with these emphases, the very being of the university.

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