International Congress of Health Sciences in Catholic Universities

International Congress of Health Sciences in Catholic Universities

“Teaching and Practicing Palliative Care in Catholic Universities”

Increasing longevity in our society today is due to tremendous scientific and technological developments that have not evolved at the same rate as human development. This has created gaps that are increasingly apparent in the most vulnerable social groups and at the most defenseless stages of life, which are the prenatal and terminal states. It is in these circumstances, when the Health Sciences are not able to achieve a desired state of “physical, mental, and social well­being (WHO, 1946) that palliative care allows us to honor the ancient saying: “cure often, treat sometimes, comfort always”.

Our departments and schools of Health Sciences need to offer our students and fellow citizens positive, effective solutions that can help them achieve maximum physical, mental, and social well-­being possible that every person has a right to, no matter what their phase or situation in life. That is why the subject of palliative care was chosen to be the topic of our next congress which will be held in Porto (Portugal) between September 25 and 27 2017 and which will be hosted by the Catholic University of Portugal.

We heartily urge all Health Science schools and departments of IFCU member Catholic Universities to encourage their faculty members to attend our next congress, either as speakers or as participants. You will find all the necessary information (program, call for papers) on the congress website.


We look forward to seeing you in Porto next September!

To get more information, please contact:

Dr. Ignacio Gómez Pérez
President, IFCU Heath Sectorial Group

Adrienne Lainey
Assistant Project Manager at CIRAD-IFCU