ACISE 2018 Conference

“Catholicism, Culture, Education”

The Association of Catholic Institutes of Education (ACISE) is a research group in educational sciences affiliated to the CIRAD. Since 1989, its members, which are Catholic universities with a Faculty of Education, have been meeting every year to share their research and experiences on a common theme. Also, EducA, the International Catholic Journal of Education, is a peer-reviewed international and electronic journal created by ACISE members to publish the research in education that is done in the Catholic Universities all over the world.

The relationship between religion and education is an area of great scholarly interest. In the contemporary contexts of globalization and significant pedagogical advances, universities should be in the forefront of creative discussions on how to ensure that education is of benefit to all.

Catholic educational institutions have a significant international footprint. From schools to universities, teacher colleges to technical institutes, the world of Catholic education offers multi-layered cultural perspectives with significant impact beyond the life of the institution. Given this heritage, it is essential to make a critical study of how these educational bodies operate and what contribution they continue to make to cultural enrichment.

The ACISE 2018 conference will take place at the University of Glasgow from Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 April, and will draw together experts from a wide range of disciplines united in their commitment to explore issues relating to Catholicism’s contribution to contemporary culture and education.

There will be a selection of keynote lectures and individual papers. The organizing Committee welcomes initial proposals (abstracts) of 700 words from scholars in all disciplines who are interested in the themes of the conference. To get more information and submission details, please visit the – ACISE 2018 webpage –

A conference timetable will soon be available.


Below is a presentation video of the conference by its organizer, Leonardo Franchi.