2nd HEIRRI Conference on Responsible Research and Innovation


On April 27 took place in Vienna (Austria) the Conference “Education towards a responsible society, transforming universities through responsibility in research and innovation (RRI)”, which was attended by 140 representatives from 43 countries in Europe and the world.

This is the second conference held within the framework of the HEIRRI project of the European Commission, which seeks to integrate the bases of responsible research in all higher education diplomas, with a view to responding to the needs, values ​​and expectations of society within the framework of the current science-society paradigm.

The project allowed for realizing a complete review on the existent practices in the field, as well as to prepare material to encourage both students and professors to conduct responsible research and innovation

CIRAD, which closely follows this initiative, participated in the conference because one of its main research axes is university social responsibility, which is dealt with by one of its most prominent projects at the moment.

Link to the web page of the 2nd HEIRRI Conference.

Link to the CIRAD project on university social responsibility.