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Catholic Universities without Borders : Our “Internationalisation and Risk” webinar is available on replay !

Over the past 20 years, the landscape of higher education has been transformed at the global level. The recognition of qualifications has promoted student mobility, thus in-creasing competition between universities in a context of emerging low-cost transport. The internationalisation of universities has taken different forms, from the increased presence of foreign students on campuses to…
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Have you heard about CIRAD’s Policy Briefs collection?

In 2019, the CIRAD published a first Policy Brief in the framework of the IFCU international project that sought to improve inclusion of disabled students in Catholic universities. This year, the second Policy Brief deals with digital divide within higher education that is a current major challenge due to the pandemic, which concerns everyone. This…
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Save The Date ! IFCU New Frontier Forum, October 19 & 20

This year, the International Federation of Catholic Universities is organizing its annual New Frontier Forum event on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, of the revolution it is bringing about across universities, and of the ways in which Catholic universities may best measure up to the challenge. The event had been designed and planned before the…
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