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Handbook on best practices in Africa and Asia : Improving disabled students’ inclusion within Catholic universities

The access to higher education for people with disabilities is a crucial issue for higher education institutions (HEIs) and, in particular, for Catholic HEIs in the light of the Church’s humanistic values and intellectual tradition. In this regard, IFCU launched an international project entitled “Towards an Inclusive Culture and Pedagogy” in 2014, with the aim…
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II Global Symposium Uniservitate | “Service-Learning, Integral Education and Transformative Spirituality”

The Universidade Católica Portuguesa is organising, in partnership with CLAYSS (Latin American Centre for Service-Learning), the II Symposium UNISERVITATE “Service-Learning, Integral Education and Transformative Spirituality”, which will take place on October 28th and 29th. In the framework of the II Global Symposium, the UNISERVITATE Program announces the Call for Papers. The submission of papers will…
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The second publication on Youth Cultures in Catholic Universities is now available!

In 2012, CIRAD carried out the first global study on “Youth cultures in Catholic universities“, in which questions relating to values and the way in which students give meaning to their lives were central. The study, conducted online using a questionnaire available in 17 languages, is unprecedented both in its coverage (global) and in the areas…
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