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International Congress of Health Sciences in Catholic Universities

“Teaching and Practicing Palliative Care in Catholic Universities” Increasing longevity in our society today is due to tremendous scientific and technological developments that have not evolved at the same rate as human development. This has created gaps that are increasingly apparent in the most vulnerable social groups and at the most defenseless stages of life,…
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2017 Survey on the French and the European values (EVS/ARVAL/Pacte)

The Federation will be one of the official partners of the Survey on the French and the European values (EVS), which will start in autumn 2017 in European countries. This survey, coordinated in France by the PACTE-CNRS Lab and ARVAL, will tackle the topic of values in relation to hot issues, among which social solidarity,…
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Trends related to HE internationalization in the Eurasian region

On behalf of CIRAD-FIUC, I participated at the 6th IUNC EURASIA Meeting on Internationalization of Higher Education, organized by the Eastern European University Association (EEUA) on 15th-18th May 2017 in Moscow, Russia, which gathered Education Agencies and international relation officers from both European and Asian universities.   I am pleased to share with you some…
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