UCSIA – International workshops on Peace (Antwerp)

UCSIA – International workshops on Peace (Antwerp)

The University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp (UCSIA) is organizing since 2017 a series of three workshops to examine Peace in our contemporary global political and cultural context.

A first workshop has already been organized in Antwerp in December 2017, on the general topic of pacifism in practice. It has analyzed the vitality and viability of the current state of pacifism. The concept of peace within public opinion was discussed, and more precisely the balance between valuing peace and favoring the comfort of security.

The second session will take place between May 23rd-25th 2018, on the topic of Non-Nuclear Peace. It will focus on the future of the role of nuclear weapons in world politics.

UCSIA will finally host the last session between December 5th – 7th 2018, where participants will be discussing on Peacebuilding issues (concept of “peacebuilding”, actors, efficiency, etc).

If you are interested in joining the workshops, please refer to UCSIA website pages dedicated to the sessions.