Catholic Universities without Borders : Our “Internationalisation and Risk” webinar is available on replay !

Over the past 20 years, the landscape of higher education has been transformed at the global level. The recognition of qualifications has promoted student mobility, thus in-creasing competition between universities in a context of emerging low-cost transport.

The internationalisation of universities has taken different forms, from the increased presence of foreign students on campuses to the organisation of Summer Schools and the creation of campuses outside the country of origin (branding policy). At the same time, universities are facing increased risks of various kinds (financial, political, reputational, security…).

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, which has further reinforced the importance of risk management in our universities, the IFCU has organised its first online seminar : “Internationalisation and Risk”, in partnership with the Australian Catholic University and Aléas (12 – 13 October, 2020).

The replay of the webinar is available online !


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