Author: Constantin Baltès

IFCU joins the Steering Committee of the Global Catholic Climate Movement

IFCU is part of the Steering Committee of the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM). Created in 2015, this movement is based on Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ Encyclical that states the Church’s position regarding the world’s ecological and social situation. As such, it encourages members of the Catholic community, including universities, to become involved in a…
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IFCU has a new Partnership with UNISERVITATE

The International Federation of Catholic University has recently concluded a partnership with the UNISERVITATE Program, held by Porticus and coordinated by the Latin American Centre for Learning and Solidarity Service (CLAYSS). This program aims to institutionalize Service-Learning within Catholic Higher Education Institutions (CHEIs). Service-Learning, which has been expanded in the last 50 years all over…
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Save The Date ! IFCU New Frontier Forum, October 19 & 20

This year, the International Federation of Catholic Universities is organizing its annual New Frontier Forum event on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, of the revolution it is bringing about across universities, and of the ways in which Catholic universities may best measure up to the challenge. The event had been designed and planned before the…
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