2017 Survey on the French and the European values (EVS/ARVAL/Pacte)

The Federation will be one of the official partners of the Survey on the French and the European values (EVS), which will start in autumn 2017 in European countries. This survey, coordinated in France by the PACTE-CNRS Lab and ARVAL, will tackle the topic of values in relation to hot issues, among which social solidarity, migration, environmental challenges and social cohesion.

This longitudinal survey, conducted every nine years through a questionnaire almost identical for all the countries, covers most of Europe and is one of the main foresight tools at the service of decision-makers both at the national and regional level. The previous survey (2008), based on a sample of 70.000 citizens, will give way to the ninth edition in which part of the focus will be placed on youth values.


This partnership will provide professors, researchers and experts from IFCU universities with a written synthesis of the main results obtained. It will also give them privileged access to the data collected that they will be able to use to make their own analysis.


IFCU regards this partnership as a follow-up to the enthusiasm aroused by the WORLDWIDE STUDY carried out on youth cultures at Catholic universities, in which questions related to the values and ways in which students gave sense to their lives were essential.

The SECTORIAL GROUP OF SOCIAL SCIENCES echoes the emphasis placed on activities focusing on youth, by choosing as topic of its forthcoming meeting inequalities affecting youth at a global level.

The various activities promoted by the Federation on today’s youth fall mainly into the framework of the preparations towards next year’s Synod.


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